Our Partners

This year the December Daily Dash is proud to be supported by The Primal Pantry.

They are the makers of award winning energy and protein bars and have a simple mission: to get people making better snacking choices. Taking a few natural, untamed ingredients and mixing them together to make damn tasty snacks, they are proud to keep things simple - no BS, no nonsense and no additives. They are a small team with big ideas, tasty products, several dogs and a bright pink delivery van. All the Primal Pantry bars are gluten free, dairy free, suitable for vegans and contain no palm oil whatsoever.

Suzie, their founder, who hasn’t really done any running since secondary school is going to undertake the challenge of the December Daily Dash.

As a qualified nutritionist here are some of Suzie’s training tips:

  • Before heading out on a 5k make sure you have a small 200-300 calorie meal at least 1 hour beforehand. Aim for a meal that is predominantly carbs, try and keep the fat content down as the body will struggle to digest during your run. Bananas are a perfect choice or a good quality energy bar.
  • Some people may find that they run better first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, if you can handle this then that is perfectly fine.
  • Have a protein based meal within 30 mins of finishing to refuel your muscles. Make sure it is a complete protein, either animal protein or protein shakes/bars.
  • Make sure you are properly hydrated - aiming to drink approx 500ml of water 1 hour before your run. Any more and it is likely you will need to make a pit stop.
  • Experiment, at the end of the day we are all different.

Having started training for it, Suzie is really excited to do it, despite knowing she’ll find it hard. She’ll be writing about her experience from deciding to partner with the event, to training and then actually doing the event in December. We’re excited to read her updates here on the Dash hub.