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Mike's Fundraising Tips

Mike and his wife Brenda, holding a sign that says

Mike from Cheltenham has raised over £9,500 through the Dash in the past two years, in memory of his wife Brenda. But even the greatest fundraiser has to start small. Here he is with some tips and reassurance.

“My name is Mike and I lost my beloved wife, Brenda, to cancer in December 2021. I did the December Daily Dash to repay all the wonderful staff at Sue Ryder Leckhampton Court Hospice for their care, support and love.

My goal was to raise £600 in 2021 but in fact I raised £5,600. I was nervous about asking for sponsorship, but it does become easier. Here are my top tips:

  1. Start small. Ask for small amounts as it soon adds up to a big difference. £12.50 could pay for half an hour of care.
  2. Think about something you might be able to give up. I asked my family if they would donate to my December Daily Dash rather than buy me Christmas presents.
  3. Widen your network. Ask your friends and family to ask their friends and family whether they will sponsor you.
  4. Use the human connection. Ring around or speak to people in person rather than text or email.
  5. Explain gift aid. Some of my friends thought it was an added tax, but actually it helps the charity get valuable additional funds at no cost to the donor.

Come December, which will be the second anniversary of Brenda’s passing, I will be spurred on doing the December Daily Dash once again. Good luck and thank you for joining me.

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