Become a Dash Ambassador

Why not sign up to be a Dash ambassador?
It’s a fantastic way to bring workplaces, running clubs, school parents and towns & communities together for a challenge in December.

If you do decide to set up your own event/group dashes, we’ll be sure to add them to Facebook as an event on the Daily Dash page.

We can provide guidance on organising final group dashes and how best to promote the event in the local area.

Dash Ambassadors will receive material to help them promote the Dash through local communities or groups they might be involved with.

For example:

  • Handing out fliers at a local Parkrun
  • Encouraging people from your local running or exercise class to join in
  • Spreading the word at your school / clubs / classes
  • Posting about your runs (especially group ones!) on social media - #DecemberDailyDash
  • Generally encouraging people to sign up from your network and being a cheerleader for your local area!